$BMINU is the blueprint for how Web3 philanthropy manifests via transparency of the blockchain and decentralization of DAO. From bringing unmatched visibility to donors' funds, and promoting "donation-to-cause" transparency, $BMINU brings innovation never seen before within charitable organizations.

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How To Buy

1. Create Metamask Wallet: Bill Murray Inu token is available on the BSC. MetaMask is a third party ERC20 browser wallet, and the very best at that! On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet.

2. Send BSC to MetaMask: Acquire BSC through MetaMask itself or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

3. Visit Pancakeswap: You can currently swap BSC and other tokens for Bill Murray Inu on Pancakeswap.

4. Swap BSC for Bill Murray Inu: Enter the amount of BSC you would like to swap for Bill Murray Inu. Click Swap on Pancakeswap.

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1 Phase Alpha Social Media Marketing

  • Founder & Early community unite organically, in support of Evelyn
  • Smart contract development | BSC Deployment
  • Social Media | Coinmarketcap | Coin Gecko
  • 4000 Telegram Members
  • DEX/CEX listings Tier 2

2 Phase Beta Social Media FAQ

  • Exclusive 1000 NFT collection release LIVE on
  • Security audit
  • Influencer/Celebrity marketing part 1
  • Staking contract development
  • Innovative partnerships and marketing pushes

3 World Domination SM FAQ

  • DAO Implementation - Vote for Causes and use of charity funds
  • Influencer/Celebrity marketing ALL IN!
  • BMINU Global Community Holder WAMI Event
  • NFT Utility and NFT Staking contract implementation
  • CEX listings Tier 1
  • Charity donations go brrrrrrrr$$$

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